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My name is Aaron and I have been involved in music since I was 12 years old. I have worked as a piano player and singer for many years as a solo/duo act, toured with bands and currently teach piano at the Primary and High School level. With this experience and love for music I endeavor to inspire others to learn the piano.

At my piano school I have created a learning environment that inspires fun and creativity. The most important thing for a student is to feel connected to their instrument and the music they play. Learning to play piano will take time, so we honor each step of the journey.

Piano Lesson_edited.jpg
Sheet Music Over Piano

Since hearing Sonny Stitt’s Down Home Blues I have been mesmerized by the jazz and soul music that originated in New Orleans. My piano and vocals has been influenced by icons of this truly American style, such as Louis Armstrong & Erroll Garner. I feel my role is to bring this music forward today through performing jazz & soul classics and my own compositions.

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